Final Project: Premium Beat

Here's an animatic of the boards with the final audio track:

Images and music courtesy of Premium Beat. Stock images courtesy of

IBM SmartCity

These are boards for a :30 second spot about IBM's fictional product: SmartCity. Smart City is basically an entire city networked together to improve safety, energy efficiency, and quality of living. The goal was to present the product in a friendly way to expel any chance of creepy or Orwellian undertones to what IBM is doing. The illustrations were done by the amazing Brian Michael Gossett. Then it was up to me to combine and alter those illustrations to tell IBM's message. A lot of this project was coming up with visually clever transitions that kept things simple and got the point across. This one was a lot of fun and it was especially cool to work with the assets made by someone as talented as Brian Michael Gossett.

Converse Logo Reveal

In this assignment, I needed to design a five second 3D logo resolve for the fake client: Converse. The goal detailed in the brief was to stay true to Converse's high-end yet authentic brand. I filled the iconic star using lifestyle photography from Converse's Instagram to capture key parts or their brand: youthful, fun, a little edgy. Then I reigned it back in with a muted color palette to keep it authentic.

I don't do a lot of 3D work, but playing with light and composition in Cinema 4d was a lot of fun. Can't wait to dig deeper into Cinema. All the compositing was done in Photoshop.

12KM Feature Trailer

This was a fun one. These are fictional title cards and transition frames for a real horror movie called 12KM by Mike Pecci. It's a modern movie with an 80s vibe. Definitely channeling one of my favorite films: The Thing. The film is about a group of Russian drillers drilling the deepest hole in history only to let loose a mysterious dark goo. Things don't go well after that.

The design is all about dark, earthy colors, VHS distortion, and seismograph lines.

Diesel Concert Commercial

Here the goal was to design boards for a commercial about a fictional EDM concert sponsored by Diesel. The goal was to capture the tone of not only Diesel's brand but the EDM music scene as well. These boards are all about: neon lights, glowing body paint, sly references to motion designers, and simple, stark shapes and color.